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Welcome to She’s Not So Basic— a one-stop shop for all your food, fashion and wellness needs. Living healthy and happy never looked better and never felt easier!

So, what's this blog all about?​

I started this blog...

…as a way to hold myself accountable and practise the life I preach. Food, fashion and lifestyle: that’s what I’m all about.

With each new reader and follower, I feel more and more motivated to continue discovering new things and posting about them for all my followers to learn. 

Join me on this journey to living our best life, and we can help each other out on this path to happiness and health!


What I write about

Healthy Habits Made Easy

You might think that it’s hard to commit to cooking healthy dinners after a long day of work, but it’s actually a lot easier than you may think. Here, you can find easy recipes for a dinner that will take you no longer than 20 minutes to cook, including prep!

Styled by Me

Struggling to figure out what to wear when you have a rushed morning? Take a look at my posts to figure out simple but fashionable everyday outfits as well as elegant makeup looks that are easy to learn and will make you feel confident and beautiful.

Live Your Best Life Now

Managing work and fun can be very stressful, and most of us never find that balance. But there are simple ways to ensure that you live a balanced, happy and peaceful life. Through simple activities and a little time management, you really can have it all!

Messages from my followers

I love hearing from my readers and followers. Here are a few messages from some of my loyal patrons!

Following Sofia’s blog has helped me take my health and wellness more seriously, and her recipes are absolutely incredible. Anyone who hasn’t tried her delicious, innovative recipes are really missing out!

Jessica Macaulay

Sofia’s mindfulness tips have helped me gain so much control over my emotions. Staying mindful and practising yoga have allowed me to restore balance in my life. I’m grateful for this blog and I hope more people can benefit from this.

Rick McAdams

I love Sofia’s styling tips and have tried out many of her makeup looks as well. As a novice in the makeup game, I can truly say that Sofia is rooting for us with these quick and simple looks!

Michaela Stevens